Historic mansion with mountain views | Salas, near Oviedo, Asturias


3.450.000 €

Authentic Historic Mansion | Mountain Views

With its 14th-century tower and historic house featuring a large courtyard from the 16th century, this is a unique opportunity. It has always been a family residence since its original construction, which has allowed it to be substantially preserved in authentic conditions.

With a total of five floors, the first floor, spanning over 500 square meters, houses many of the main living spaces in this historic setting.

In total, the palace has a built area of 1,892 square meters, not including the large courtyard, and 3,136 square meters if the courtyard is included. The large auxiliary building (for complete interior renovation), La Casina, spans 266 square meters over two floors and was designed by the prestigious architect Luis Bellido. The property is surrounded by over 78,000 square meters of land.

The extensive grounds accompanying the property are currently not suitable for construction. However, similar properties have been permitted some new construction within existing grounds to promote tourism, in case it were to be converted into a hotel. An adjacent building already exists – mentioned earlier and separated from the main house within the property – which could be converted into additional accommodations.

The palace would benefit from some sensitive renovations.

Studying its conversion into a luxury hotel was considered, which could include 42 rooms.


This palace house, once owned by the prestigious Asturian economist and writer Valentín Andrés Álvarez, has remained in the same family’s hands from 1883 to the present day.

Garcí Fernández de la Doriga was from here, who represented Salas at the General Assembly of Asturian councils in 1378. Various coats of arms testify to multiple lineages: García de Doriga, Valdés, Tineo, Queipo de Llano, Quirós, or Miranda.

D. Valentín Andrés’s father-in-law and Fernández Bao’s son-in-law, D. Indalecio Corugedo Fernández, carried out a comprehensive reform of the complex in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in accordance with the taste of the era.

From that time, elements like the French-style park, the modernist dining room, and the grand bath brought from the 1900 Paris Universal Exhibition emerged.

In more recent times, Valentín Andrés Álvarez, a disciple of D. José Ortega y Gasset, would receive numerous friends for lively gatherings with cider produced on the property, including Federico García Lorca. “In the interior of his high tower, we played a game of billiards,” wrote Benjamín Jarnés.

A clear example of medieval noble construction, the Doriga palace features a square tower built in the late 14th century (it was one of the few towers that the Catholic Monarchs did not order to be demolished to prevent noble rebellions) and a 16th-century palace that is structured around a courtyard with large Tuscan columns supporting the entablature of the open corridor on the main floor, where daily life predominantly unfolds.

Surrounded by a park enclosed by a battlemented wall and featuring a stately entrance also from the 16th century, it houses an adjacent building in its enclosure, designed by the prestigious architect Luis Bellido, known for works such as the Madrid Slaughterhouse, now a cultural center.

In conclusion, we encounter an intriguing ensemble that has been maintained as a private residence for centuries, allowing us to still admire well-preserved coffered ceilings, wooden floors, and original furniture from the 16th century, as well as qualified interventions with subsequent artistic expressions. The passage of centuries and ongoing wars have not hindered its preservation.

Basic Features

Built area: 1,892 m²

Usable area: 1,550 m²

9 bedrooms

3 bathrooms

Plot: 78,088 m²


Garage space

Second-hand/Good condition

Built-in wardrobes

Storage room

Year of construction: 1600

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