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Property in the region

IBERIA NORTH is a bespoke property agency based in Asturias, representing interesting properties throughout the region.

Our goal is to present opportunities to both national and international clients, often with properties that we directly represent after thorough research.

We also collaborate with local real estate agents and engage in commissions within the broader market, connecting private buyers and sellers.

Our involvement spans from the initial search and presentation of potential properties to clients, all the way through the purchasing process and its intricacies.

When necessary, we can also coordinate renovations, encompassing design and construction aspects

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Experts at every stage

Buying a home or starting a tourism or hospitality business is a significant step in life, and it’s crucial to be confident in the property you choose to purchase. Our role as an independent intermediary between the buyer and seller enables us to listen to your needs and provide honest and unbiased advice. We can assist and guide you throughout the entire process.

At every stage, we will liaise with local professionals: surveyors, architects, notaries, lawyers, engineers, and builders.

We are here to assist you

We are at your disposal to answer any questions you may have. It’s important to understand your needs and priorities for the purchase before conducting visits: whether it’s a property for private or business use, whether you desire sea or mountain views, or even an apartment in the city. Also, determining the intended use is vital: a couple of visits a year, relocating to Asturias year-round, renting it out as a vacation home, or the common scenario of a combination of uses.

This enables us to analyze what you’re looking for, sift through all the available options, and arrange the most suitable visits. If you’re searching for something very specific and can’t find it, we can conduct research and attempt to locate it through our contacts in the area.

About us

Marc Furnival, Director, is a registered architect in both the UK and Spain. Marc has many years of experience in architecture and real estate and has been residing in Eastern Asturias, a region he had been visiting for about 10 years before permanently moving there in 2014.

Buying a property is in many ways the start of an adventure, and we are here to assist you in making it go as smoothly as possible.

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